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Our School’s curriculum reflects the strong desire to prepare our students academically for navigating the world and the future work-force. 

 We put an equal and even greater emphasis, at times, on developing our students’ character, servant- leadership, and communication skills. We believe strongly about “heart” development. The skills pursued in regards to our integrity reflect into the deeper and more fundamental aspects of our lives and overflow into the lives of so many others! 

We also believe that having small class sizes allows us to reach each individual student’s needs more effectively. A child’s strengths and weaknesses are known. We are able to foster their strengths and shore up the areas in which a student is weak. This is the true purpose of education!

We believe that the core subjects should be:

  • Reading – Orton Gillingham based & multi-sensory.
  • Writing – beginning with a solid foundation that builds with ability and rigor.
  • Math – self-paced, critical thinking, problem solving, and to proficiency
  • Science – hands-on and Creation based, sparking engagement and wonder
  • History – historical accuracy
  • Bible – devotional, life application, and expository



Students will:

  • Recognize that God has uniquely blessed them with gifts and abilities and that He desires them to reach their full potential.
  • Learn to work independently, communicate effectively, and learn good study habits.
  • Discuss current and past affairs in all fields and relate them to God’s plan for man.
  • Strive for excellence, complete assignments with diligence, and contribute to class discussions and group projects.
  • Achieve academic growth and success through multi-sensory, differentiated instruction across all content areas and mastery-based learning in reading and mathematics.
  • Become creative, critical thinkers who apply learning to solve real-world problems and communicate their thoughts, clearly, and logically.


Students will:

  • Recognize that each of us are made in God’s image and we need to honor and serve one another.
  • Develop leadership skills and use their strengths to serve others and God.
  • Be given opportunities to demonstrate their love for God and others, through service projects, missions, and worship.


Students will:

  • Be inspired by the Word of God and develop a love and respect for it.
  • Know there is forgiveness for their sins through Jesus Christ, and to be comforted by that knowledge.
  • Be encouraged to grow spiritually in prayer, Bible study, and worship.
  • Demonstrate these Biblical truths; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
  • Develop a desire to know and obey the will of God in all areas of their lives as revealed in the Scriptures.


Students will:

  • Have proper respect for their body as a temple of God.
  • Develop good health habits and use wisdom for their well-being and safety.
  • Demonstrate self-control in attitude and behavior.
  • Discover their potential for physical strength, motor skills, and teamwork through organized activities and athletics.


Students will:

  • Have love and respect for their fellow students, teachers, school staff, and parents in all settings.
  • Accept personal responsibility for thoughts, speech, actions, and attitudes.
  • Develop both good and proper attitudes towards family, friends, community and country.
  • Understand that self-worth comes from God’s approval and not man’s approval.


No, KCS is a Religious Private School that does not have to use Common Core curriculum. Our school still provides the rigor of national grade level standards but with the flexibility to choose curriculum that is more engaging, interactive, with Christ-centered morals and values, unlike our public school counterparts.

Student assessment is ongoing and cumulative. KCS assesses students by observation, coursework mastery, curriculum benchmarks, and school implemented interim and formative assessments.

King’s Corner School has chosen a reading curriculum that is best suited for a variety of struggling readers. Our Orton Gillingham approach is great for all students learning to read, but is also accessible to students who struggle with reading or have dyslexia.

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